Captain Egg Franchise

FAQs about Franchisee

01. How much does the franchise fees cost?

A Franchise fee for opening Captain Egg is ₹6 lakhs

02. What is the store size required?
Minimum store size for opening Captain Egg is 500-700 Sq Ft carpet area.

03. How much is the Royalty fee?
Royalty fee is 8% of your gross sale and is paid monthly.This fee entitles you to use marketing assistance,ongoing business development and consulting and other benefits that come with being Captain Egg Franchise.

04. Can I have a master franchise for an exclusive territory?
Captain Egg greets an exclusive territory for master Franchise for a minimum of 5 stores depending on territory.

05. Is training provided to the Franchise?
Head chef and All training of the entire team is provided by Captain Egg.

06. What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?
The term of Franchise Agreement is for 5 years.

07. What is the total investment to open a store?
To open a store required 10 lacs including induction cost.(excluded franchise fee)

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