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Exotic Egg Drop Soup

A thin light egg soup full of flavors with egg white lightly dropped and lightly mixed with exotic flavors

Classic Egg Curry

Slow clay oven cooked Gravy with hand selected Indian Spices infused and served with light Crisp Eggs and lime fresh Tossed Onion Rings

Australian Fry

Egg Dum Biryani

Authentic layered Dum Biryani with Charcoal Spiced infused Smoke

Mango Egg Matka Rabdi

Creamy slow cooked milk finished with light egg flakes and infused with hand pressed alphonso mangoes

Egg Pasta Alfredo

Pasta tossed with egg and vegetables and creamy bechamel sauce

Surti Fry Platter Sizzler

A punch of crackling caramel light folded with a soft protein base with smooth Hershey's coating

Egg Boiled Lasan Tadka

Egg Roll

A freshly hand Rolled Egg base stuffed with Hand Tossed Pan Seared Eggs and Veggie Stuffing and Lightly Deep Fried served with Pickled Onion Rings

Pan Grilled Egg Italian Sandwich

Pan Seared Egg Sandwich with Italian Egg and Veggie Stuffed and folded with Captain Egg special Italian dressings and a Mouth watering Cheesy melt.

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A mediator between vegetarians and non-vegetarians... and that's what we are for..
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